Cylinder Head Remanufacture

What is this??

Surface grinding / head skimming

Surface grinding / head skimming, is recommended after a gasket failure to reinstate a flat surface before refitting of the cylinder head. Manifold surfaces can also be machined.

Valve seat recutting

Valve seats are re-machined to original equipment specification (OE) using three-angled tooling.

Valve refacing

After cleaning and inspection, the valves are reground to reinstate the correct seat angle.

Valve seat inserts and Unleaded conversions

This involves replacing the valve seat by machining the cylinder head to accept a new valve seat inserts suitable for unleaded fuel. Most older and period engines can be successfully converted to use unleaded petrol in this way.

Valve guides

Valve guides can be changed when worn, alternatively if the cylinder head has no valve guide we can machine the worn valve guide housing and fit a new valve guide to suite.

Valve tappet shimming

Some modern over-head cam (OHC) engines still use tappet shims rather then hydraulic tappets. At MPE, we have the facility to machine shims to reinstate the correct tappet clearance.

Fire Ring / Flame Ring Recutting

MPE has the facilities to re-machine fire rings in cylinder head faces on engines, such as Scania, Volvo, MAN and Renault.